A computer programmed conversational interface incorporated on the website or the mobile app or on a social messaging platform to go through the motions of a natural conversation with people is called a chatbot.

Chatbots can be built by many chatbot development companies which are cropping up, such as Skype, Slack, Microsoft, Telegram, Oracle, and many more. Chatbots, especially AI based chatbots, are beneficial to business as they are the most advanced software and are capable of learning all by themselves. Benefits of Chatbots include 24/7 availability, capability of self-learning, delivery of cognitive digital experience, enhancement of brand value.

There are many industries that stand to gain the most from chatbots. It is because Chatbots can take care of multiple services like complaints and feedback, handling payment procedures, customer care, searching, booking etc. Thus, all these tasks can be handled by chatbots in the following industries –


AI-based Chatbots are reliable and they have the capability to perform banking operations. Some of them include ATM assistant (location), handling grievances, retrieve account related information etc.


Personalized product search, order tracking, and payment procedures are handled by Chatbots.

Health care:

Response time makes the difference between life and death. We use chatbots for healthcare related applications like the emergency online manager (virtual), health assistance, hospital navigator etc.

Travel and Hospitality:

Travellers need information and they want it all in one go. Therefore, Chatbots serve as the perfect channel to communicate with travelers by giving them information related to travel like managing travel plans, recommending local attractions, and travel reminders.

What do we offer as a chatbots development company?

We provide end to end chatbot development services, right from defining the objectives of the built, conceptualization, and testing the actual chatbot based solutions.

Identity creation –

The persona of the chatbots are developed while keeping the target audience in mind and the tasks that you want to carry out using your chatbot.

Establish processing language:

The selection of the program is done based on the type of conversation, how many sentences are required to have a well-performing result etc. To manage the language processing, different platforms such as API.ai, wit.ai etc. are used.


There are platforms to provide you with the right tools to make your chatbot development easier. This is necessary. You need to dive into your code if you are willing to connect your bot to an external database or API.

Testing your beta users:

Testing is done for the correctness of response, latency timing, efficiency etc within a different group of testers.

Reasons for choosing Chrysoprases Solutions for Chatbot designing and development:

We, Chrysoprases Solutions are an IT services company in USA and India offering comprehensive Chatbot development services. We have a team of experts who deal in Chatbot technology who will assist you in building chatbots across various platforms like Facebook (wit.ai), Telegram, Oracle, Slack, and more. For people who are unaware of chatbots and their importance, these details will help them out to understand them better.