Instant messaging is high up on the corporate ladder -

‘Instant’ is the key word here. There won’t be any more waits for email responses or return calls on voicemail (even worse). The culture of today requires efficient communication methods and immediate feedback, thanks to years of social media, group chat rooms, and personal text messaging. The modern generation is coming to the workplace and they are arriving with modern technology.

As an employer, you would be served well to make sure that you have a secure, traceable, and brand supporting messaging platform in place. If you don’t take steps to ensure that, employees may look for workarounds on their personal devices and may start using unsanctioned tools.

Features of Chrysoprases Solution’s enterprise chat software –

  • Direct messaging – Message coworkers directly with one-on-one messaging, private chats, and group chats for collaborating on projects and sharing information.
  • File sharing – Employees can share documents, images, audio recordings, video files, spreadsheets and much more on the go.
  • Voice and Video calling – Collaborate on a deeper and more advanced level by getting employees on voice and video calls. Make communication more detailed and more dynamic.
  • Screen sharing – Turn on screensharing in chats to share on-screen real-time information with fellow coworkers in a seamless and effective manner.
  • Group Conversations – Make groups of up to hundreds of employees to group chat with together and send group messages simultaneously to a large number of employees.
  • Chat Presence – Display a wide variety of different statuses such as Offline, online, Busy, Unavailable, Available, or a customized status.
  • Delivery Notification – Get delivery notifications about whether messages have been delivered successfully or not and be assured of information reaching its intended destination on time.
  • Real Time Connectivity – Employees can participate in office meetings through text, voice, or video channels of communication from any location in realtime.
  • Chat Trail – A complete record of all chats and files is maintained to have a persistent trail for future reference.
  • Sync and store – Automatic sync and store lets the manager rest assured that all chats and files shared on the system are accessible across all devices at all times.
  • All-device Compatibility – Cross platform application compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux and many other platforms.
  • Social app Integration – Avail increased user convenience with social media credentials based logins. We have eliminated the requirement for multiple usernames and passwords.
  • Push notifications – System UI instant notifications to keep the whole team on the same page about official alerts, notifications, or reminders.
  • Heightened Security – End-to-end encryption and data protection reinforced with the most advanced anti-hacking and anti-piracy algorithms ensure that your data is protected with the most high profile security.
  • Ongoing tech support – Supportive, considerate, and expert tech support at the admin-level and the user-level.
  • Location sharing – Fully customizable location maps to track and trace employee location and to assist employees in navigating to a new branch office or new plant location.
  • Pixel-perfect UI Design – A well-planned and well-designed clutter-free UI that enables speedier and simpler seamless enterprise communication.
  • Fully searchable – You can retrieve conversations and files from the long past easily with MData retrieve powered smart search.
  • Complete and compliant archiving – Enterprise Messaging enables complete visibility and oversight of your chat system by storing all messaging data into a single, unified archive. This includes files, attachments, appointments, and emails. Built-in eDiscovery tools enable you to search, access, place litigation holds, print, forward, redact, save, tag, and export archived data.