Features of our Enterprise Mail service offerings -

  • Physical security – Chrysoprases solutions Mail takes security to the next level by storing encrypted emails in foolproof infrastructure and guarding themwith top-of-the-line security and surveillance. We protect them against malware attacks and physical theft. Our data centers are distributed across US, China, India, and Europe and have been created to be capable of storing large volumes of data with top-notch security. Our data servers have been setup in undisclosed locations, are kept under fulltime surveillance and are locked with biometric authentication to prevent any entry by unauthorized persons. chrysoprases solutions Mail’s data centers utilize a foolproof hardware system, setup with state-of-the-art technology that carries out the storage and retrieval of data efficiently. In case any of the data centers run into some problems and fail to function, data can be recovered from backups stored in the hardware system.
  • Encryption – chrysoprases solutions Mail stores emails on its servers in an encrypted format. We split the data into numerous fragments and we encrypt each fragment before storing it on our disks. The encryption keys are stored and managed with the greatest security and reliability. S/MIME delivers top-of-the-line security for your business or organization’s email communications by assisting in encrypting the messages. Our servers store the keys used to encrypt the messages safely and securely. The encryption services in S/MIME and the digital signature procedure protect your emails against email spoofing, data leaks, phishing, and other hacking attacks.
  • Custom domain email address – The most formal and reliable way of communication between different businesses or organizations is to send emails. We make your brand look authentic and stand out by providing you with custom email addresses that are used for all official communication. The custom email addresses will contain your business’ name and domain and you can create multiple custom email addresses from your own domain. We will provide you the feature to manage multiple email accounts for your business through a single domain. You can use this feature for multiple employees and different operations such as sales and marketing.
  • Extensive control panel – Through our extensive control panel we enable user management. You can migrate your old users from your previous email provider to chrysoprases solutions mail by the simple act of importing a .csv file or by adding them manually. You do not need to be worried about forgetting your password. Your password can be easily reset by one of our Administrators or Super Administrators upon your filing a request. You can also set up email aliases to create more than one email address for each user. You can forward emails to an email address inside or outside your organization to delegate or back up your emails. To keep your clients updated, you can set up user-specific vacation replies. You can enforce a password policy and a password expiration period in order to ensure that your users create a secure password. You can assign moderators to each group and assign custom member roles for each user. You can set the permissions to control spam at the group level, email the group, and customize group notifications by managing advanced group preferences.