Introduction -

The Learning Management System can have various roles depending upon the objectives of the organization, their online training strategy, and their desired outcomes. However, a common use of LMS (Learning Management System) software is to deploy and track online educational and training projects. Usually, project objects are transferred to the Learning Management System which makes them readily accessible for distant learners. We at Chrysoprases Solutions offer built-in eLearning module creation tools which enable instructors to create online training materials without the involvement of any additional third-party software.

The LMS we provide is basically a vast repository where you can keep information in storage and track it too. Users possessing a username and a password can access these online learning resources from any location and at any time as long as they can connect to the internet. Users should also have the LMS software installed on their personal hard drive or access to the company’s servers in the case of self-hosted LMS’ses. We enthusiastically serve both categories of LMS users – online learners who utilize the LMS to take part in in online educational courses and your eLearning team who depend on the LMS platform to distribute knowledge and edit the online educational content.

Our LMS services –

  • Implementation services – An LMS alone is not capable of delivering business goals. A better and holistic approach is required; there should be a dedicated team with years of expertise to convert a technology platform into a solution that delivers value at the practical level. The Chrysoprases Solutions eLearning support team possesses years of experience and success creating multi-component learning platforms that provide business value. We will collaborate with you to understand your strategy and goals and then create, configure and maintain the eLearning platform down to each and every specification so that it functions as promised.
  • Track and Analyze – Once you have built a solid learning platform and assigned tailored training programs to your students, of critical importance is the ability to understand the activities of students, monitor their progress and compare them to the goals you have set and then display this progress to the stakeholders. The Chrysoprases Solutions eLearning platform has dashboard reports that provide you with analysis of the activity of students, student progress tracking, and progress display for the stackeholders. Customized dashboard views can be set for each kind of student, stakeholder, or manager. In addition, preset reports’ views of learning activity can be loaded instantly and then exported and shared with others.
  • User management – You can assign role-based training assistance to guide and support students at each phase of development, create ‘branches’ that match the structure of your course, and send custom or automated messages, and provide automated workflows for instructors.
  • Global Learning – The Chrysoprases Solutions eLearning system has a fully global reach and connects students and instructors to a enmeshed learning community that can be directed from one central location.
  • Social and Gamification – Students enrolled in a course can join and contribute to forums, and users can pose questions to experts and discuss best methods and practices in topic channels. Users can upload and share assignments with each for free peer review. We also provide motivation to users in the form of badges which give recognition to their achievements and promote friendly competition through team leader boards.

Top features of our LMS –

  • Reports And Analytics – With our eLearning system, you will be able to track your online training projects to determine if they are on point or require minor tweaking. Our LMS also features analytics that enable you to track online learning on the individual and group level. For example, you can determine whether a certain percentage of your audience has finished the online training course requirements or not, or how long they take to complete each online quiz on average.
  • Responsive Design – Our online resources are multiplatform-friendly and include everyone in providing benefits and learning to them, whether they prefer to use their smartphones or tablets to connect to the LMS. Our LMS is responsive and has features such as automatically displaying the most appropriate version of the online educational course depending on the user’s device, or shrinking images down to size so that they don’t take up the whole smartphone screen.
  • Intuitive User Interface – Chrysoprases Solutions’s LMS has an intuitive user interface that aligns perfectly with your eLearning team’s abilities and skill sets. We provide free demos and test trials to verify its user-friendliness.
  • Support services – We tailor our support services according to the eLearning team’s experience level and the complexity of our client’s system and tools. For example, novice eLearning teams will probably require more extensive support in order to operate the system efficiently. We also provide online training tutorials, tip sheets, and full-blown guides. We provide additional support services containing more advanced options which can be availed by contacting us through our toll-free number. We will put you in direct touch with our team of trained technical support.
  • eLearning Assessment Tools – We assess our online learners periodically and regularly to identify gaps in their learning and intervene when required. Our LMS supports a wide range of eLearning assessment methods. It contains built-in eLearning assessment tools such as educational templates.
  • Gamification Features – We understand that some learners need extra incentive to actively engage in the online educational course. This is why we build in game mechanics such as badges, points, and leaderboards to grant them the motivation they need. Our LMS has built-in gamification features and smoothly distributes rewards.
  • Social Learning Support – Social learning affords corporate learners the opportunity to interact with their fellow learners and corroborate their experiences. This is why our LMS includes integrated social media tools. For example, the capability of tracking online discussion posts, or of incorporating a news feed into your eLearning system’s front page.
  • Localization – Multilingual support is critical for organizations who intend to provide worldwide online educational resources. Therefore we support localization features such as geolocation tracking which automatically shows the appropriate language and version of the online educational course.